John Beeney is a singer, songwriter and pianist
who lives in San Francisco.  Born and raised in
Scottsbluff, a rural farming community on the
Oregon Trail in Western Nebraska, John is still
trying to sort through the anger and confusion that
result when a creative and sometimes angry
non-conformist is unwittingly dropped into the
middle of a repressive midwestern corn field.

John's saving grace has always been music.  He
started singing at age 7, studied classical piano for
13 years and, as a high school senior, performed
the Grieg Piano Concerto at the Omaha
Symphony's Young Artist Competition, where he
was the only non-master degreed finalist.
Five minutes after college graduation, John drove his overloaded car to San
Francisco and actually wept with joy as he drove over the Bay Bridge.  After
years of hard work building and operating a small business, John realized that
his heart was still in music, and he began writing songs in earnest, resulting in
his well-received solo show, "Songs for a Lost Boy."  Encouraged by its
success, he decided to devote himself to music full time, selling his home and
business and moving to Los Angeles.
John worked for several years as a session singer in LA, gradually making his way into the "A" list of singers and the most
famous studios in Los Angeles.  His voice has been heard in movies such as Jurassic Park III, The Matrix Reloaded, The
Matrix Revolutions, Peter Pan, HBO's Angels in America, Van Helsing, I Robot, and Cat Woman, among many others.  He
has sung on television series including "King of the Hill", "ER", and "Family Guy," and appeared in a television musical
special that featured artists including Sarah McLachlan, Vince Gill, Chaka Khan, and Natalie Cole.  In 2003, John was
thrilled to sing at the 75th Annual Academy Awards.

Doesn't that sound glamorous?  The truth is, it really didn't pay the bills, so in his "spare" time John bought, renovated and
re-sold homes before HGTV made "flipping" a household word.  Realizing that he had indeed left his heart in San Francisco
after 8 years in LA, John moved back to his favorite city, and currently is a top agent at Paragon Real Estate Group.

John's mix of beautifully poetic and sometimes heartbreaking lyrics, coupled with his sardonic sense of humor and soulful
piano arrangements, earn him many comparisons to early Elton John.  These songs were written, arranged and recorded
by John in his home studio.
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