Very well done!  The lyrics flow like poetry and the melody is gorgeous. The vocals sound
phenomenal.  The arrangement is outstanding. Great song.     -- Kansas City, Missouri

World class piano and singing!  Very competent piano playing in the vein of Elton...this is so
damn good..this is really like sir John but in a new modern version. Vocal reminds of George
Michael. Top class for sure!                                                               -- Stockholm, Sweden

This is a wonderful arrangement of a great song. Had Sinatra heard this song, he would have
wanted to record it. I loved the melody, lyrics and the arrangement, and the piano fits the song
perfectly.                                                                                                 -- Marietta, Georgia

Not too many people playing stuff like this today...and if they are, they aren't playing it like
this...solid, nice stuff. Keep it up!                                                       -- Sommerville, Massachusetts

You must be singing about LA...awesome song, sounds great. This sounds a lot like Elton
John or Billy Joel.  Can't hear it on top 40 radio, it's too good for that (LOL)! Fantastic!  
                                                                                                         -- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Beauty defined. Heart-felt, great everything.          
                                                                                                         -- Homewood, Illinois
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